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NP1.2-12 Yuasa 12v 1.2Ah Battery
£11.12 (inc. VAT)
NP12-12 Yuasa 12v 12Ah Battery
£39.50 (inc. VAT)
NP17-12 Yuasa 12v 17Ah Battery
£54.52 (inc. VAT)
NP2.1-12 Yuasa 12v 2.1Ah Battery
£11.83 (inc. VAT)
NP24-12 Yuasa 12v 24Ah Battery
£77.10 (inc. VAT)
NP3.2-12 Yuasa 12v 3.2Ah Battery
£13.82 (inc. VAT)
NP7-12 Yuasa 12v 7Ah Battery
£19.04 (inc. VAT)
Y1.2-12 Yucel 12v 1.2Ah Battery
£8.80 (inc. VAT)
Y12-12 Yucel 12v 12Ah Battery
£29.96 (inc. VAT)
Y17-12 Yucel 12v 17Ah Battery
£45.90 (inc. VAT)
Y2.1-12 Yucel 12v 2.1Ah Battery
£10.78 (inc. VAT)
Y24-12 Yucel 12v 24Ah Battery
£65.82 (inc. VAT)
Y3.2-12 Yucel 12v 3.2Ah Battery
£12.98 (inc. VAT)
Y7-12 Yucel 12v 7Ah Battery
£16.14 (inc. VAT)
Y9-12 Yucel 12v 9Ah Battery
£23.71 (inc. VAT)
Hades Fire Protection Ltd are able to supply a huge selection of batteries in various brands and capacities not listed here. Discounts provided for bulk orders. Please contact us on 0800 610 1151 for a quote.

What's the difference between Yuasa and Yucel batteries?
Yucel is an alternative budget brand to the Yuasa NP battery range. Both batteries are made by Yuasa with the same warranty period.