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Radio Wireless Fire Alarms

All of our Wireless systems can be utilised to meet almost any application, are fully EN54-25 third party approved, meeting all current standards and carry the CE Mark.

All installation work should be carried out by a fully qualified engineer and in accordance with a site survey and system design. The site survey is key to a successful installation and should also be carried out bya fully qualified engineer.

Please contact Hades Fire Protection for more information on 0800 610 2666.

Advantages of choosing a wireless fire detection and alarm systems:

Highly Adaptable:
Wireless systems are suitable for virtually any building and in many cases exceeds the performance and flexibility of a wired system.

Cost Effective:
Wireless systems are a cost effective solution which can be easily adapted and added to as a building changes or grows. Wxtensive savings can be made throughout the installation and maintenance process.

Re-Usable: Wireless systems can be used as a temporary fire detection system to meet Health and Safety demands in and around environments where wired systems could not be installed.